The perfect item to use to get liquor on a cruise, SHAMPBOOZE Flask

Why ShampBooze is a great item to sneak liquor anywhere.

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ShampBooze is product by Smuggle Mug and it is a hidden flask that allows you to sneak liquor on to a cruise or plane. I have ever been on the cruise but I have come to know that drinks provided on the cruise are very expensive.

ShampBooze is the perfect solution for this situation:

  1. The flasks of the ShampBooze sets are designed like bottles and they look like bottles of organic shampoo and hair conditioner.
  2. These bottles are the best possible way to smuggle liquor to cruse in your luggage.
  3. Pair of these bottles are made up of thick plastic and has the capacity to hold 16 oz of your favorite liquor.
  4. The plastic used in the bottles are specially designed to be leakage resistant.
  5. Smuggle Mug, the creators of these bottles are based in Utah.


Before reviewing this product let’s see the specifications of these bottles.

  • The brand these bottles belongs to is smuggle mug.
  • It comes in white color and a package contains 4 bottles.
  • Manufacturer of this product is KO products LLC.
  • The size of the bottle is 17.8 oz each.
  • Each bottle is of the dimension of 560*890 hundredths inch and is of 35 hundredth pound.
  • Two sets of these bottles are available for $28.99 dollars and the bottles in the set are labeled uniquely and differently from each other.
  • You get 12 lid seals along with the bottles so you can change them when planning to travel through cruise and 1 speed pourer that quickly fill the bottles.

seal of a shampbooze bottle - secret flask

Review based on customer experiences and experts:

The review is based upon the experiences of its customers.

  1. Smuggle Mug is a no 1 trusted hidden flask brand that tend to change the looks of its bottles on the regular basis.
  2. Customers are very much satisfied because the product saves them a handsome amount of expense while travelling through the cruise.
  3. Average expense that an individual bear on drinks is around 200 dollars. You can save these 200 dollars by purchasing these 30 dollar bottles.
  4. Once you have the collection of these durable bottles you can use them over and over again.

shampbooze cruise flask 2 pack

ShampBooze by Smuggle Mug is best and cheapest product available on web. Click Here ==>

  • It is even cheaper and tougher then rum runners.
  • The difference between the prices of these two is 2 dollars but ShampBooze is safer in security aspects.
  • According to an expert the quality is even higher and then tested and expected.
  • Customer care service is also very satisfying for the customers. They tend to answer all the requests with endurance which is not easy if there are number of queries.
  • The best thing about these durable and stable bottles that they don’t have any seams that could leak and hence they worked like a charm in luggage checking.
  • The seals of the bottles won’t leak even if the bottles are filled to the top.

These bottles have gathered a lot of customer satisfaction because of the fact that they have provided what they advertised. Let’s now see some of the pros and cons of the product:


  • Durable and Stable.
  • Cheap as compared to other products in the market.
  • No security issues recorded because of the ever-changing designs.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Rapid Transportation.


By reading the reviews of the customers and experts there are no such disadvantages have been indicated. Customers seems to very satisfied with the product and customer service is giving a good response to the customer queries. The ratings of the product on various websites is very high which makes it a recommended product for everyone.

Took these in our checked luggage for a cruise, worked like a charm. Seals tight & bottle is legit. Be sure to fill the bottle up all the way so that it is air tight! – Lukasz Cieplak

These are just what I was hoping for. Mine came as two “brands” with different product designs. For each brand there is a conditioner and a shampoo. The conditioner and the shampoo have their own color scheme so everything is not identical. – Keran


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